Are You Sure That You’re Good At Rhythm Guitar? Rhythm Challenge 1


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In this video, I’ll show you How To Improve Your Rhythm Playing Instantly. You will improve your rhythm time and feel. I will give you 3 simple song challenges to you guys for you to improve your rhythm guitar; Smoke on the water, Highway to Hell, Master of Puppets I will show you Can You Play Smoke On The Water is nonsense first you have to play the original version properly 😊 We will focus on how to read notations Foot tapping while playing guitar Read notations (count rhythm) out loud while we are playing guitar. Once you have done these steps you will nail any rhythm or song you want, and you will learn how to practice with a metronome.

Rick Beato How To Read Any Rhythm

Al Di Meola Guitar Tips

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Timecodes 0:00 – Intro 0:15 – Talk 0:34 – Can you play Smoke on the water? 0:52 – Can you play Highway to hell? 1:15 – Can you play Master of puppets? 1:31 – Do you need to work on your rhythm playing 1:59 – Notes and Rests 2:41 – How to read notations 3:26 – Foot tapping 4:37 – How to practice Master of puppets with tabs 4:56 – How to practice Smoke on the water with tabs 5:27 – How to practice Highway to hell with tabs 5:54 – Is foot tapping necessary for guitar playing? 6:26 – Tips from Al Di Meola 7:11 – Rhythm mistakes and how to fix it 9:17 – Count out loud 10:25 – Tips from Gavin Harrison 11:02 – More tips to improve your rhythm feel and time 11:45 – Outro



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