Blackstar HT5 Metal 5-watt 1×12 Tube Combo with Reverb Test


Blackstar Ht Metal 5 watt combo is a great tube amp for bedroom warriors. These amps carry the signature ISF and emulated output of Blackstar amps. The 1 and 5 watt formats have 2 channels, while the 60 and 100 watt formats have 3 channels. These amps boast “extreme gain and tone”, and are “Voiced for Metal \m/… Guitar: Ibanez Rg1527 Rg Prestige 7 strings Blackstar HT5 Metal 1×12 Cabinet is mic’d with 3 microphones two sm57s (dynamic), 1 audio technica At2020 ( as a room mic). The sound was recorded in a large room that wasn’t acoustically treated so you’re gonna hear how it’ll sound in your own room. You can see more gear videos \m/… Thanks to Cem Gonden for his contributions.

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