Is Guitar Tone In Your Hands?


In this video we will try to answer one of the most debated topics in the guitar community: is the tone really in your hands? We will see John Petrucci and Joe Satriani playing shitty equipments. Then 6 of my students playing the same licks with the same amps, the same guitars, and the same pick. Let’s see what happened. Please let me know what do you think about this topic and could you hear any differences between players?

Microphones SM57 AT2020

Camera & Edit / Onur “Manda” Özkara

Thanks to Can Kayan, Deniz Saktanber, Onur Alakus, Baran Coskun, Erim Erzeybek, Mertcan Caner, Fatih Akbal, Can Acarbay and Barkın Korkut for their contributions.

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