Jason Becker Altitudes Sweep picking section played by my students. Jason Becker is an inspiration for all guitarists. To spread his legacy I’m trying to teach my students Jason Becker songs (espacially Altitudes for sweep picking) and I want to share some of my students playing Altitudes. Perpetual Burn is the first studio album by Jason Becker, released in 1988. Altitudes is the first song of the Perpetual Burn. Played by (in order) Deniz Saktanber, Can Pak, Can Kayan, Erim Erzeybek, Baran Coskun \m/

Jason Becker – Altitudes by Ozgur Turkekul https://youtu.be/dxUFI0iEJNw Jason Becker Altitudes Lesson https://youtu.be/obOtQ3WI-B0

My Students in order Deniz Saktanber, Can Pak, Can Kayan, Erim Erzeybek, Baran Coskun.

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