Joe Satriani – Satch Boogie Live Version Cover by Ozgur Turkekul. SUBSCRIBE 🤘… 🤘

Satch Boogie was a very joyful and instructive cover for me. That was crazy to see how Joe’s playing is detailed and groovy. Guitar: Ibanez RG1XXV-FYE Pre-Amp/Effects Processor: Fractal Audio AX8

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Skype Guitar Lessons with Ozz… To get your 7% discount from DistroKid and support my channel use my VIP link below. Join my Discord channel to interact more with me and my students; Hope you enjoy Please Subscribe&Follow me on;… “Satch Boogie” is the fifth track from the album Surfing with the Alien and along with “Surfing with the Alien” is one of Satriani’s most famous pieces. The composition was considered the 55th greatest guitar solo ever by Guitar World Magazine readers.The tap-on bridge played only on the fifth-string is an example of pitch axis theory.”

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