Metallica The Black Album’s Best Guitar Riffs


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Metallica’s Black Album made me pick up the guitar and everything has changed since then. Through thick and thin Metallica was there for me. This video is a token of my gratitude. Thank you Metallica! As it is heard in the backing track, I used the original tracks and I did not pull the guitars out completely in order to not to ruin other instruments. Depending on the song, I double or triple tracked the guitars as necessary. I used Fractal Audio Axe Fx3 as amp modeller and you can download the preset from Axe Change when you search for Metallica Black Album match. Guitars: Gibson Les Paul Custom 2001 – ESP M-II NTB I tried to record the Best Guitar Riffs of Metallica Black Album. You can count like best guitar riffs of all time or best metal guitar riffs 🙂 I do not own the copyrights of the songs this is just a Metallica fan video \m/

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Timecodes 0:00 – Enter Sandman 0:29 – Backing Track Example 1:26 – Holier Than Thou 2:00 – The Unforgiven 3:01 – Wherever I May Roam 3:38 – Don’t Tread On Me 4:36 – Through The Never 5:16 – Nothing Else Matters 5:43 – Of Wolf And Man 6:29 – The God That Failed 7:22 – My Friend Of Misery 8:24 – The Struggle Within 9:22 – Outro / Subscribe 🙂

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