Jason Becker – Altitudes Arpeggios Lesson by Ozgur Turkekul

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To learn sweep picking technique basics you can watch; https://youtu.be/updKgh2vZtU

This is one of the best sweep picking exercises you can work on so I am played 110 Bpm x 0.25 and updated with animated tabs for you (and my students :)) after your requests. (Original song is 110 ish bpm) These are my preferred positions which will work for you as well if you don’t have giant hands as Jason Becker 🙂 Jason Becker – Altitudes Cover (Sweep Picking Arpeggios) https://youtu.be/dxUFI0iEJNw Jason Becker – Altitudes Arpeggios Lesson & Tab https://youtu.be/obOtQ3WI-B0 Guitar: Ibanez RG1XXV 25TH Limited Edition Pre-Amp/Effects Processor: Fractal Audio Axe Fx Ultra

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0:00 – Intro 0:05 – Jason Becker – Altitudes Performance 0:41 – Jason Becker – Altitudes Arpeggios Lesson & Tab (Updated)

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