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This is a fast pentatonic lick that you can use in your playing. Joe Bonamassa is the god of pentatonic runs and he is picking very fast and super clean. So this lick will help you to improve your picking technique and speed. Please use your wrist and try to increase your speed gradually.

If you are struggling to play fast you can check my How To Play Fast video In that video, you will learn deep secrets of alternate picking technique, how to practice efficiently and how to play fast and clean like Joe Bonamassa 🙂

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Timecodes 0:00 – Joe Bonamassa Fast Lick Performances 0:29 – Joe Bonamassa Fast Lick Lesson with Tabs 0:49 – Intro 1:00 – Pentatonic Scales Lesson 1:43 – Pentatonic Boxes 2:20 – Fm Pentatonic 2:44 – Fm Pentatonic Boxes 3:06 – Joe Bonamassa Lick Analysis 4:54 – How to play fast 5:47 – Outro

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