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Top 10 Golden Rules of Guitar Practicing This video is the Most Detailed Lesson Video I’m talking about the details of guitar practicing. After teaching guitar for more than 20 years I got a lot of experience as you know YouTube channel growing very fast and I wanted to answer your questions. I hope this video will be useful for you. In this video, I am talking about how to practice, how long you have to practice, best practice time, practice efficiency, motivation, concentration, how to stay away from mistakes, how to create muscle memory, how to practice with a metronome, how to warm up, how to enjoy so I’ll show you how to get better at guitar. I will go through all the details about how to practice guitar and the most common mistakes guitarists make.

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The Most Detailed Picking Technique Lesson Video I’ve Ever Shared

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Timecodes 00:00 Intro 00:36 The Importance of Scheduling 01:20 Record Yourself While Practicing 02:19 Take Breaks in Practice 03:01 Practice with Songs and with Metronome 03:49 How to Practice With Metronome 04:58 Concentration 05:46 Warm Up 07:00 Enjoy 08:08 Motivation 09:10 Patience 10:03 Outro

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