John Petrucci Plugin – Archetype: Petrucci Review

Archetype Petrucci by Neural DSP SUBSCRIBE… In this video I’ll review Archetype Petrucci by Neural DSP. We will check all features of this guitar plug-in. We all know John Petrucci is a guitar tone god and I believe in this unique plug-in he showed his experince on how to get an amazing guitar tone. I would say this is the best amp sim I’ve ever played. Archetype:

Fractal Audio Fm3 vs Axe Fx3

Axe Fm3 – Axe Fx3 Comparison #fm3 #AxeFx3 #fractalaudio SUBSCRIBE… In this video I am comparing Fractal Audio Fm3 with Axe Fx3. Fractal Audio Fm3 and Axe Fx3 are two of the best guitar amp modeller and effect processors of all time. I am comparing the sounds of two units, talking about processing power, amp modelling capacities, effects, studio and live gig situations… Fractal Audio Fm3 Review

Axe Fx 3 Unboxing & Factory Presets

Axe Fx 3 Unboxing and first look at the Factory Presets. SUBSCRIBE… I tried to make a quick video but the great tones pushed me to make a longer video. Fractal Audio Axe Fx 3 is one of the best guitar amp modeller and effect processors off all time. I used Axe Fx Ultra and AX8 and that’s why I bought Axe Fx 3 and great sound

Axe Fx Ultra – Best “Budget” Amp Modeler in 2020?

  Axe Fx Ultra – Best Budget Amp Modeller in 2020? SUBSCRIBE… I’ve been using Axe Fx Ultra for 7 years and I believe its still one of the best budget amp modeler and effects units in 2020. If you don’t have a budget for Axe Fx III, you can buy a used Axe Fx Ultra between 650 – 850$ and you will get high-quality sound. Skype

Ibanez Premium RG1XXV Review

  Ibanez Premium RG1XXV 25th Anniversary SUBSCRIBE… Skype Guitar Lessons with Ozz… Ibanez RG guitars are my go-to guitars for almost 20 years and I use that Ibanez Premium RG for more than 7 years. It’s a super comfortable and versatile guitar that you can play in almost any style. Also, it’s a super budget guitar that you can find used ones. You can see more