Chasing John Petrucci’s Pull Me Under Guitar Tone

Skype Guitar Lessons with Ozz… Join my Patreon family to Access all my YouTube lesson videos PDF and GP tabs, LESSON MATERIALS specialized for my patrons: Guitar practice, ear training, music theory, recording technologies, improvising, composing, sound&video production, Video Feedbacks to Your Videos and more!!! In this video, we are chasing John Petrucci’s Pull Me Under Guitar Tone. To achieve John Petrucci’s unique guitar sound you can use

Ozz’s Guitar Talk with Leon Todd

Ozz’s Guitar Talk with Leon Todd This is a new concept that we are making some guitar talks with some amazing people. My first guest is Leon Todd. That was nice an hour chat, we talked about Leon Todd’s career, daily life, sponsorships, Ragdoll band, music… Also, we played “Guess that tone” game with Fractal Audio Axe Fx 3, and I got some vibrato guitar lessons from Leon Todd. Türkçe

Is Guitar Tone In Your Hands?

Is Guitar Tone In Your Hands? SUBSCRIBE 🤘… 🤘 In this video we will try to answer one of the most debated topics in the guitar community: is the tone really in your hands? We will see John Petrucci and Joe Satriani playing shitty equipments. Then 6 of my students playing the same licks with the same amps, the same guitars, and the same pick. Let’s see what happened.

Axe Fx Ultra – Best “Budget” Amp Modeler in 2020?

  Axe Fx Ultra – Best Budget Amp Modeller in 2020? SUBSCRIBE 🤘… 🤘 I’ve been using Axe Fx Ultra for 7 years and I believe it’s still one of the best budget amp modeler and effects units in 2020. If you don’t have a budget for Axe Fx III, you can buy a used Axe Fx Ultra between 650 – 850$ and you will get high-quality sound. Skype

How to Get Great Guitar Tones

  How to Get Great Guitar Tones In this video, I’ll give you great guitar tone tips to reach your dream guitar sound. I have been watching tons of videos about the best guitar tones (great guitar tone) and what I saw is everybody is talking about how to dial guitar tone, volume knob, tone knob, guitar adjustments, pickup height… but nobody talks about ear training. So I just tried

How I Get My Best Clean Tone (Room Sound!!!)

  How I Get My Best Clean Tone (Guitar Tone Tips) SUBSCRIBE 🤘… 🤘 To get your 7% discount from DistroKid and support my channel use my VIP link below.   In this video, I am going to show you how to get great clean guitar sounds without any pedals. I used Fender Super-Sonic 22 amp and Fender 62 Reissue Strat for this recording. I tried to show