Guthrie Govan Crazy Fast Shred Lick Lesson With Tabs Join my Patreon family to Access all my YouTube lesson videos PDF and GP tabs, LESSON MATERIALS specialized for my patrons: Guitar practice, ear training, music theory, recording technologies, improvising, composing, sound&video production, Video Feedback to Your Videos and more!!! This is a super-fast shred lick that you can use in your playing. Guthrie Govan is playing this crazy shred lick so fast that makes me prepare my

Slash Anastasia Lesson with Tabs

Slash Anastasia Lesson with Tabs SUBSCRIBE 🤘…​ 🤘 Skype Guitar Lessons with Ozz…​ In this video, I’ll show you the overdriven intro part of Slash Anastasia. This is a great exercise for beginner and intermediate guitarists who want to improve their solo playing. Bpm:200 Tuning: Eb For the performance, I played with original speed and I played half speed for the lesson. Also if you haven’t watched it