Shred Guitar Solo Lesson & Tab

Shred Guitar Solo Lesson by Ozgur Turkekul SUBSCRIBE 🤘… 🤘 Utopya Project Guce Tapan Original Solo: In this video, you will find some good examples of alternate picking, legato playing and sweep picking. I played Utopya Project – Guce Tapan solo at half speed. You can use these licks to practice and to improve your vocabulary. There will be little timing mistakes in the tabs hope you enjoy.

Shred Guitar Solo – Utopya Project Feat. Ozz

Shred Guitar Solo – Utopya Project Feat. Ozgur Turkekul. You are listening to Guce Tapan which is the second track of the Utopya Project’s album. I tried to make a contribution to this amazing track with my shred solo Camera & Edit / Onur “Manda” Özkara Guitars – Caner Uslan Bass – Onur Ağar Back Vocals, Synth, Keys & FX – Can Uzunallı Vocals – Onur Cobanoglu Drums – Ertuğrul