Furious Yngwie Malmsteen Lick with Tabs (More is more:))

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I usually teach that song to my students and I wanted to share with you the unison section of Yngwie Malmsteen – I’ll See The Light Tonight with tabs. It’s a great exercise that every level of guitarist can practice and improve their picking technique, speed, and accuracy. This Yngwie Malmsteen Lick starts with a harmonic minor and has a classic baroque approach and finishes with a diminished run. Start practicing with a slow tempo and increase your speed gradually.

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Timecodes 0:00 – Intro 0:15 – Malmsteen Lick Performance 0:55 – More is more 1:08 – How to practice 1:51 – I’ll See The Light Tonight Lesson with Tabs 2:25 – Outro/Subscribe 🙂

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