Tapping Technique Guitar Lesson

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In this video, I’ll show you how to play Tapping Technique on guitar. I’ll show you the common mistakes that guitarists make on tapping technique and how you can get a clean sound while you are playing tapping technique. I’ll show tou tips and tricks about tapping technique and give you basic exercises to improve your tapping technique

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Tapping, also called tap style (tapstyle), touch-style, and two-handed tapping, is a guitar playing technique where a string is fretted and set into vibration as part of a single motion of being tapped onto the fretboard, with either hand, as opposed to the standard technique of fretting with one hand and picking with the other. Tapping is the primary technique intended for some instruments such as the Chapman Stick, and is the alternative method for the Warr Guitar and others. Tapped passages incorporate the techniques of hammer-on and pull-off, but with both hands freed to produce notes. Some players (such as Stanley Jordan) rely extensively or exclusively on tapping. (Wikipedia)

Timecodes 0:00 – What we gonna do in this video 0:27 – Tapping technique fundamentals 0:52 – Legato technique and how to play clean 1:50 – Tapping hand and finger choice 5:02 – Synchronization of both hands 7:21 – Basic tapping exercises 8:35 – Summary

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