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This is one of the best Alternate Picking Exercises that you can practice. Al Di Meola is know with his amazing picking skills and I’ve been teaching this exercise for long time and I get great reactions from my students.I just wanted the share with you this great alternate picking exersice that you can build speed and stamina. Don’t forget to practice with the metronome and increase your speed gradually.

If you haven’t watched yet I highly recommend you to check out my How to play fast video;

5 Guitar Speed Burst Exercises to Increase Picking Speed

So this exersice will help you to improve your picking technique and speed. Please use alternate pickign to improve.

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Timecodes 0:00 – Al Di Meola Performance 0:14 – Passion, Grace & Fire Performance 0:29 – Who can pracitice this exercise 1:00 – How to Play Fast Lesson Video 1:15 – Speed Burst Lesson Video 1:24 – Exercise with Tabs (Half Speed) 1:56 – Alternate Picking Tips 3:21 – How to practice this exercise 4:28 – Outro

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