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This is the second week of the 4-Week Program to Master Alternate Picking Technique video series. Thanks a lot for your amazing support and feedback!!! Please check out the first week before staring to practice 2nd week exercises.

4-Week Progam to Master Alternate Picking Technique (1st Week)  

  • 4-Week Program to Master Alternate Pi…   Alternate picking is the toughest technique in guitar playing. To Master Alternate picking I wanted to share with you my practice method that I use for my students and you can improve your Alternate picking technique and speed. These exercises contain inside picking and outside picking exercises that Paul Gilbert uses but we are going to add more exercises every week and you’ll see differences and you’ll see that your guitar speed is improving. Also about video making I take examples from Bernth I believe he is doing great about video production. Practice this guitar workout minimum 30 minutes per day and please comment about your improvement daily. When you make a mistake stop and start from the beginning of the exercise! Yes beginning! 🙂 Watch out for string changes and play cleanly. So before starting to practice.

Please watch my fundamental lesson videos; How to Fix Your Picking Technique    • How to Fix Your Picking Technique and…   How to Play Electric Guitar Properly    • How to Play Electric Guitar Properly …  

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Timecodes 00:00 – Performance 00:18 – Master Alternate Picking Technique Exercises

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