Sweep Picking is Easy!!!

Fix your sweep picking in 3 steps

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In this video, I’ll show you how easy the sweep picking technique is. I’ll show you 3 steps (main topics, basics) about sweep picking and give you a 2 string exercise for the beginning. Later you can practice; Dream Theater – The Glass Prison Arpeggios Lesson & Tab https://youtu.be/PL48rn0f6PE Jeff Loomis Sweep Picking Arpeggios Lesson with Tabs https://youtu.be/yar1cN-GnG4 Jason Becker – Altitudes Arpeggios Lesson & Tab https://youtu.be/obOtQ3WI-B0 Jason Becker – Serrana Arpeggios Lesson with Tabs (Updated) https://youtu.be/8zT1XgnYuiA These are the best sweep picking exercises (songs) you can practice.

You can master your sweep picking technique with these sweep picking arpeggio songs.

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Timecodes 0:00 – Intro 0:06 – Sweep picking performances 0:21 – Who am I 0:29 – My students sweep picking performances 0:55 – Talk 1:03 – No:1 Land your pick to the next string 2:16 – No:2 Pick Slanting 2:43 – No:3 Direction of your pick 3:15 – How to play clean sweep picking 4:18 – Best sweep picking exercise (2 string) 4:48– Songs to practice for sweep picking 5:02 – Outro talk 4:31 – Outro / Subscribe 🙂

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